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What is Greater Today?

Greater Today is a prototype web app that allows people to track their short term and long term goals. Using the concept of "The Rabbit and the Turtle race," a short term goal is the one that can be achieved in a few steps and thus ties to the rabbit character while long term goals take more time and go with the turtle character. 

Using this web app, people can keep track of their goals on weekly and monthly basis and share their progress and achievements with friends. 

My Role and Constraints

I worked on this project with 2 other developers. My role has been to design the overall look and feel of the web app as well as develop the specific web pages using React. For design I used  Adobe XD. For development, the React library Ant Design was used to customize specific components. 

Artboard – 12@2x.png

Check out Github to see the code for the prototype!

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