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What is Litterly?

As a final project for an IOS Development class with Swift, our team of 4 college students wanted to create an MVP that tackles a social problem. Litterly is an IOS app and web application that allows people to come together in their community to help keep their environment clean by scheduling meet-ups, learning about proper ways to recycle, and earning rewards for their contribution.

The Challenge

Making an MVP of Litterly

As folks who live in NYC, one of the most frequent problematic things that we see on the streets is either un-recycled or wasted litter. Our team wanted to make an MVP that revisions the way we as individuals can get involved in our community and help keep our environment clean.


Our high level goals for the IOS and Web app were:

  1. Inform New Yorkers of different ways to help keep their community clean

  2. Applications need to be user friendly and interactive 

  3. Create an engaging experience for our users through a “game like” point system

The MVP of the IOS app was conceptualized and built over a short 5 week period to be presented in time for a final Swift & Android project showcase in CUNY Queens College. 


The MVP of the web app was created after the course was over when our team decided to continue working on making Litterly better. 

My Role and Constraints

Our team for this project consisted of 2 developers, 1 project manager, and myself as a lead designer. Because our first MVP was to be presented as a final project for the IOS Class, our team had to create the first version in under a month which meant we had to give priority to the IOS app and focus on the most important features.

Users and Audience

People and Communities

The audience of Litterly is anyone who is interested in getting involved in making an environmental impact. Many people and students are aware of the growing environmental issues in our cities and the world yet don't always know where to start. The concept behind Litterly was to create an experience where anyone who is either interested in learning more about things such as composting,recycling, or local environmental meetups, can do so with the tools that the application provides.

Creating a Mobile App Experience


Our team started to brainstorm the must have features which the app had to have.

This wire-frame outlined the initial features we must have:

  1. On-boarding Screens

  2. Map View - this is where people can report or see nearby litter

  3. Profile View - track points, and view individual impact

  4. Meet ups and Events View - upcoming nearby events would be shown here


Outcomes and Next Steps

Our team demoed Litterly in CUNY Queens College at a Code Path  Swift & Android project showcase in front of a panelist of 8 including members of JP Morgan Chase and Clearpool winning “Best Product Idea.”


In January 2020 Litterly was also chosen among 40 applicants at a Grow with Google

“Commit to Team” event in NYC. Our team demoed the idea and received positive feedback on the product and design  while also giving a few key suggestions to help improve Litterly.

Creating a Web Experience 

In addition to the IOS app our team decided to create a concept for our future web application. To keep the app and the website consistent, I kept similar color scheme while also drawing more illustrations to draw more attention to the main mission of Litterly.

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